Problems have surfaced with another election in Richland County.

County election officials were hoping to rebuild public confidence in the voting process after the bungled General Election in November last year that included glitches ranging from too few voting machines to uncounted ballots.

But the city and county elections that occurred on General Election Day earlier this month appear to be a repeat when it comes to some ballots not being counted.

A state election audit shows officials failed to tally more than 1,100 absentee ballots on one of the voting machines.

The new county elections chief, Howard Jackson, says those votes would not have changed the outcome of any race or the library funding referendum.

But he told The State newspaper he can't understand how it happened, especially since extra steps were taken to make sure the voting went off properly this time.

Jackson's not saying who's responsible or whether there will be any disciplinary action, but he is saying Richland County will conduct audits from now on before results are certified and that the process should be fixed for next time.