Police have arrested two men on drug charges in separate cases in Columbia's Five Points area.

Saturday about 12:30 a.m., police say a search of a suspect in the 800 block of Harden Street turned up marijuana in a plastic bag that was pinned inside the underwear and jeans of 25-year-old Kelly Cokley.

And during the arrest, another baggie fell to the ground which officers say contained more of the weed and cocaine.

Police also seized more than $1,200 in cash.

About two-and-a-half hours earlier – 11 o'clock Friday night – officers say 28-year-old Timothy Love Jr. ran from police in the 700 block of Pavilion Street, throwing a plastic bag on the ground.

There was a foot chase, Love hid briefly between parked cars and then was arrested when he ran into the street.

Police found a second baggie in a parking lot and say one contained marijuana; the other, cocaine.