Narcotics agents have arrested eight people after seizing meth labs at two homes near Batesburg-Leesville on Wednesday night

The Lexington County Sheriff's Department sent deputies to investigate information that meth labs might be operating at a residence on Old Field Road and at a home on Senterfeit Road.

Sheriff's Major John Allard says officers encountered strong chemical odors coming from both places and upon investigation, found various ingredients and equipment used to make meth.

Allard says the suspects were not alone during the illegal drug activity at the home on Old Field Road.

Two children, ages 11 and 9, were at the home when officers found the methamphetamine laboratory,” he says.  “The South Carolina Department of Social Services took custody of the two children.”

Four men and four women face various charges that range from making or possessing meth to unlawfully exposing a child to a meth laboratory.

They are 35-year-old Joey Cockrell, 25-year-old Clayton Conyers, 47-year-old Dennis Hall, 34-year-old Jeremy Hall, 36-year-old Tippany Hall, and 25-year-old Michelle Webb – all of Batesburg-Leesville.

Also charged are 24-year-old Rebekah Heslewood of Saluda and 32-year-old Shannon Jones of Lexington.