The answers were the same when the state Department of Public Safety asked people, “What is a reasonable goal for traffic fatalities in your family?”

“Zero.”  “Zero, of course.”  “Zero.”  “Zero is what we want to see.”

The man-on-the-street interviews on traffic safety were made into a new YouTube video about "Target Zero,” a long-term strategy to reduce and eliminate highway deaths in South Carolina.

The web video points out traffic fatalities average more than 800 each year in our state, and its release coincides with a new “Buckle Up, South Carolina” campaign promoting seat belt use as a key way to lower the number of highway deaths.

While safety belt compliance actually reached a record high of 91.7% last year in the Palmetto State, nearly 55% of those killed in crashes who had access to seat belts were not using them.

So far this year, officials say that number is slightly better, but still is nearly 52%.

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