Members of Columbia City Council were briefed on construction plans Tuesday for the Bull Street property by Greenville developer Bob Hughes.

But he required them to sign an agreement of secrecy beforehand, saying the confidential nature of negotiations with potential tenants needs to be protected.

Two Council members, Leona Plaugh and Moe Baddourah, refused to sign the agreement and left the meeting.

The city may be kicking in some $90-million to help start the revitalization of the 165-acre property, which is expected to include retail, residential and office space – and possibly a baseball stadium.

Meanwhile, in a public meeting yesterday, City Council heard from staff and consultants on possible financing and construction scenarios for the stadium.

There was discussion about whether the ballpark could be open for the 2015 or 2016 season, but Council is waiting for additional analysis before making any final decisions.

Several people in the audience spoke in favor of a publicly-funded stadium.