High schools in Richland District One are telling students there are restrictions on wearing camouflage clothing.

The Richland County Sheriff's Department says camouflage clothing is now the official color of a local gang.

So principals at Dreher, Lower Richland, Columbia and Keenan high schools have banned such clothing on campus and to school events.

Richland One spokeswoman Karen York says the pattern is also prohibited on accessories and book bags.

York says the ban has not been adopted at A.C. Flora, Eau Claire and C.A. Johnson high schools.

But all seven schools say students cannot wear camouflage clothing at football games for the rest of the season.

The sheriff is applauding the schools for taking a pro-active approach.

Leon Lott points out that fights could break out because one gang's members might try to wear camouflage clothing to show they control a school, which could lead to retaliation from another gang.