The City of Cayce is urging that water customers take extra precautions following the restoration of water service after Monday's water main break.

A boil-water advisory that was set to expire this morning has been extended to 6 a.m. Wednesday.

City Manager Rebecca Vance says utilities workers continue to flush the system, but residents seeing brown water are advised to let it run for a few minutes until it becomes clear.

Vance also advises not to drink or cook with water until first boiling it for two minutes.

She says all ice should be discarded, customers should not use dishwashers and not wash clothes.

Bottled water is still available to any Cayce residents who need it at the Fire Department at 2 Lavern Jumper Road.  City officials handed out almost 600 cases of water Monday night.

Water service was restored last night after some customers had gone without it for 17 hours yesterday.

About 1 a.m. Monday, a 16-inch water line broke at a fire hydrant near the water plant on Highway 321.

That disrupted service for many of the city's 13,000 residents and caused the cancellation of classes at one dozen schools in Lexington District 2.

For additional information, residents can contact the City of Cayce at 796-9020.

Meanwhile, in Orangeburg County, a boil-water advisory was lifted for residents and businesses in the town of North.

That had been issued after a water main break late Sunday along Dogwood Drive.

Town Clerk Carrie Garrett said this afternoon that lab tests show the water is safe for consumption again.