COLUMBIA, S.C.  (SCRN/WVOC) - A bill is close to becoming law in South Carolina that would allow parents to protect children from potential identity theft by putting a security freeze on the child's credit file. 

The bill cleared the state House on Wednesday and is one vote away in the Senate from going to the governor's desk.

Lead sponsor Lexington County Senator Katrina Shealy says the idea is for parents to get early warning if someone tries to use their child's personal identifying information.

"What if somebody stole their Social Security number off of their tax report?  What would happen?  Or if somebody got into their information?  They could use their Social Security number for years and nobody would ever notice it,” Shealy says.

Children normally cannot get a freeze, because they don't have a credit history. 

But Shealy told the South Carolina Radio Network that her bill would let parents create a credit history, then lock it to prevent that Social Security number from being used.