Did you know we've already had 11 measurable earthquakes in South Carolina this year?

They've all been small – no damage.

But state Emergency Management Division spokesman Derrec Becker says it's important to be aware we're in a quake zone and that a big one would cause big problems, especially if you're not prepared for it.

An earthquake...a major earthquake in South Carolina would probably be the single largest disaster our state has ever experienced,” Becker says.

The largest earthquake ever to occur on the Eastern Seaboard...it's epicenter was in Summerville, South Carolina.  We get an average of 15 to 20 earthquakes every single year.  So just as we're getting ready, we want people to do the same.”

On Thursday morning South Carolina again participated in the Great Southeast ShakeOut Earthquake Drill.

Schools, businesses and individuals across the state took a few moments to practice what to do if the ground does start shaking – “drop, cover and hold on.”  

Becker says that means to drop to the ground, take cover under a sturdy table or desk, and hold on until the quake is over

For more information on preparing for earthquakes, view the South Carolina Earthquake Guide at http://www.scemd.org/planandprepare/disasters/earthquakes.