The state Department of Revenue is encouraging you to be patient in making a decision about continuing credit monitoring for another year following the massive data breach at the agency.

The state hired Experian in a $12-million emergency deal 11 months ago to provide credit monitoring for one year.

One-and-a-half million of the more than six million individuals and businesses with personal information compromised in the hacking signed up for that service prepaid by the state.

But Experian says it's not interested in bidding on a state contract to renew the service, which ends next month.

However, Experian is trying to sign you up on its own at a cost of $12 for the next year.  

And The State newspaper reports Experian is telling taxpayers that the state will not continue prepaid coverage, so you must buy it yourself.

But Revenue Department officials did release a statement Tuesday saying state-provided credit monitoring and ID protection will continue through another company in a contract to be awarded next week.

DOR suggests before signing up for something you'll have to pay for – in effect, twice – wait for details on the new state-provided service to be available before the current credit monitoring lapses toward the end of next month.