COLUMBIA, S.C.  (AP/SCRN/WVOC) - Governor Nikki Haley and state officials are announcing an effort to help military veterans find jobs in the civilian world by bringing employers and potential workers together. 

“Operation Palmetto Employment” uses a website as a hub to connect job seekers to a network of services at the Department of Employment and Workforce, and to connect businesses to veterans.

Department spokeswoman Adrienne Fairwell says the site plugs veterans into a virtual one-stop job shop. 

“They get service from SC Works in terms of finding out about what jobs are available first,” Fairwell explains.  

“If there are job fairs in the area, there are a certain number of hours that are dedicated to veterans only – different tools and resources available to veterans or service members and their spouses that they just don't know about.”

The set-up builds on a National Guard program that began several years ago, when the organization brought its 16% unemployment rate among members down to less than 4%.

You can reach the program’s website at