Columbia police are alerting you about two men who posing as utility workers. 

Police Chief William Holbrook says the suspects went to an elderly couple's  residence along Johnson Avenue on April 16th, saying they needed to check the wall sockets.

Once inside, one of the men is accused of preoccupying one victim while the other suspect allegedly stole several items from the couple, including a purse and wedding rings.

No one was harmed during the incident.

The suspects are described as white males with blond hair, reddened skin as if they were sunburned, and they also smelled of alcohol.

The victims say they thought the men were with South Carolina Electric and Gas Company, but the suspects did not have an SCE&G logo on their clothing and did not show a proper business ID. 

They were wearing jeans with a white T-shirt and tennis shoes, and left in a white pickup.

SCE&G officials say their personnel wear blue company uniforms, have a white ID badge with a photo and drive a marked SCE&G truck.