COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP/WVOC) -  The family of a Lexington girl killed by a drunken driver is suing two Columbia bars on claims they over-served a man who plowed his car into the family's minivan.

The lawsuit obtained by The Associated Press and filed Friday accuses the owners of The Loose Cockaboose and The Big Ugly of negligence in the death of 6-year-old Emma Longstreet.

She died in a wreck on New Year's Day 2012. 

Billy Hutto Jr. is serving 10 years in prison for felony DUI.

The lawsuit quotes from a sworn statement where Hutto detailed the drinks he was served until almost 6 a.m. the day of the crash. 

Authorities say his blood alcohol limit was nearly three times the legal limit when the wreck occurred.

Legislation nicknamed “Emma's Law” would require drivers convicted of DUI to use an ignition interlock device which would disable their vehicle from starting if their blood alcohol content measures too high.

The bill advanced Thursday from a state House subcommittee to the full House Judiciary Committee.