COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP/SCRN/WVOC) - Governor Nikki Haley says she hopes to improve education in South Carolina by providing more money for teaching poor children, letting each elementary school hire a reading coach, and improving Internet capabilities in schools.

Haley announced her education reform plan Wednesday at Brookland-Cayce Grammar 1 school in West Columbia.

“Our students deserve a great education and we have to empower the parents to feel good about the fact that when they send their child to school, their child is going to get a good education regardless of where they live,” the governor said.

Haley proposes spending an extra $160-million for the first year of a multi-year transformation of South Carolina schools.

She says the bulk of that would come from new revenue the state expects this year – there would be no tax increase.

The governor also wants legislators to simplify the state's complicated school-funding formula.

School and teacher advocacy groups say they are encouraged by what they heard.

But the leader of Senate Democrats says his party would not support the bill without additional funding for pre-kindergarten students.