The town of Lexington held its grand opening over the weekend for a new park – one that caters to four-legged visitors.

Lexington Paw Park includes a small and large dog area, decorative fire hydrants, watering hole stations, waste receptacles and a new agility course sponsored by a local Girl Scout troop.

Town of Lexington spokeswoman Jennifer Dowden says, “This is our first dedicated public park space that is for our four-legged family members.  This is actually off-leash so they can go play around, meet other dogs.

“And it's a great opportunity for residents to bond in a family when it comes to being dog lovers.  So it's really great to see the interaction of the dogs and the people.”

Dowden says a statue has also been dedicated to K-9 Ice, who was the Lexington Police Department's first police dog.

Lexington Paw Park is located on Hendrix Street near the water tower.

For details on fees or other questions, you can click on or call (803) 359-1027.

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