A Lexington County man has been charged with holding a woman captive at his home for three months and raping her repeatedly.

An arrest warrant alleges that between July 1st and October 14th, 52-year-old Paul Rawl Jr., a convicted sex offender, committed sexual battery as many as nine times daily on the 52-year-old woman, who lived with Rawl as his girlfriend.

Sheriff's Major John Allard says, “Rawl sexually assaulted the woman after forcing the woman every night to swallow a pill of Xanax, which is a prescription medication that physicians generally prescribe for anxiety disorders and panic disorders.

In addition, Rawl sexually assaulted the woman after hitting her with his hands and fists and pointing a loaded bow and arrow in the woman’s face, telling the woman that he was going to kill her.”

Allard says Rawl pushed the woman into a wall so hard her head made a hole in it.

He's also accused of putting a dresser in front of a bedroom door each night to keep the woman confined, and of using recording and alert devices to prevent her from escaping.

Allard says the woman reported the abuse to the sheriff's department Tuesday morning after she persuaded Rawl to take her to a medical office in Pelion for a physical examination.