A man who shot at Kershaw County sheriff's deputies has been sentenced to prison and his mother is accused of bribing a trial witness.

Sheriff Jim Matthews says after Ernest Allen learned he was wanted on nine felony warrants, he fled to Florida in 2012.

Matthews says Allen was arrested and brought back to Kershaw County where he bonded out of jail and then failed to appear in court.

In December 2012, the sheriff says when deputies attempted to apprehend Allen during a traffic stop along Precipice Road, he fired multiple times at officers who pursued him.

He was arrested the following day in Lee County.

Last week, a jury convicted Allen of several charges ranging from attempted murder to resisting arrest with a deadly weapon, and he was sentenced to 24 years in prison.

The sheriff says he's “very satisfied” with the sentence because Allen has previous arrests for numerous drug and other offenses.

But he adds, “It defies logic that after he was extradited from Florida, he would be released on a low bond considering his previous arrest record and his propensity to flee.  He was clearly a candidate for a high or no bond.  We are very fortunate that no deputies were shot during the attempt to arrest him.”

During the first day of Allen's trial, a key witness failed to appear to testify against him.

Matthews says it was later learned that Allen's mother, Sabrina Allen, had contacted the witness and offered to pay her not to testify against her son.

A judge ordered Allen's mother kept in jail until after the trial and she faces felony bribery charges which carry a ten-year sentence.