COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP/WVOC) - Authorities have linked two more deaths to last week's snow and ice storms -- a woman in Marion County and a man in Sumter County who both died from exposure to the cold.

Marion County Coroner Jerry Richardson told WPDE-TV that a relative found 92-year-old Margaret Brown dead in her home Friday night and an autopsy confirmed she died from hypothermia.

Her death is the second one in Marion County related to the ice storm.  A woman was killed in a house fire after power went out at her home.

Authorities also say a homeless man found dead in an abandoned home in Sumter froze to death.

Sumter County Coroner Harvin Bullock told The Item newspaper that a neighbor found Jason Fleming's body in the home Thursday and an autopsy determined Fleming died from hypothermia. 

Seven deaths have now been linked to last week's wintry weather.

Three are from hypothermia, two are from traffic wrecks, one is from a home fire and one death is from carbon monoxide poisoning as a man heated his home with a charcoal grill indoors.