CHARLESTON, S.C. (SCRN/WVOC/AP) - The Medical University of South Carolina continues to take patient calls after a cyber-attack of the company that handles credit card payments for the hospital.

Blackhawk Consulting Group has managed those transactions for MUSC for about 10 years, but hackers were able to get into that company's database, which has compromised the credit card numbers of some 7,000 patients.

MUSC spokeswoman Heather Woolwine told the South Carolina Radio Network that no medical records were accessed.

She says the medical university previously had taken steps to protect that information.

“We've been ramping up for a number of years now to really protect our internal systems with things like two-factor authentication for e-mail; also, mobile device management, which is making sure that all of our people – everybody that's involved in the MUSC family – has to authenticate their identity when they use a mobile device,” Woolwine says.

She says Blackhawk tells the medical university that the company has made all the necessary fixes to its system and that patients can feel safe making credit card payments over the phone.

Blackhawk is offering victims a year of free credit monitoring in the wake of the breach.