COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP/WVOC) - An off-duty Richland County sheriff's deputy has been arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman at a Columbia restaurant.

Police on Monday arrested 49-year-old Deputy Allen Derrick and charged him with assault.

Officers say Derrick approached a 23-year-old female soldier from Fort Jackson who was upset at Buffalo Wild Wings on Devine Street.

When she didn't want to talk to him, an argument started.

Investigators say Derrick went to his vehicle, brought back handcuffs, slammed the woman against a table and held her to the ground while he handcuffed her.

When Columbia police arrived, they say he told them the woman was his prisoner and she was not to be released.

Witnesses recorded the incident on cell phones, and police reviewing the video say at one point Derrick told the woman, “This is how Marines deal with soldiers.”

A police report says Derrick had been drinking and possessed a loaded weapon.

He reportedly has worked for the sheriff's department for 14 years, and Sheriff Leon Lott says he had the authority to arrest the woman, but violations of proper procedures may have occurred and if so, appropriate action will be taken.

Derrick is currently on unpaid suspension and Lott plans to meet with Columbia Police Chief Ruben Santiago and the Solicitor's Office next week to further discuss the case.