A woman was walking from her car to her home in Richland County Sunday night when she says a man armed with a handgun attacked her with mace.

It happened about 10 p.m. in the St. Andrews area, 700 block of Zimalcrest Drive.

Sheriff's Sergeant Curtis Wilson says, “He stole her purse which contained cash, various credit cards and also her identification.  Richland County Sheriff's deputies and EMS arrived, transported the victim to the hospital for observation as she was pregnant.”

Wilson says less than half an hour earlier, just a couple miles away in the 1800 block of Longcreek Drive, a man who had just gotten out of his car was also sprayed with mace by an armed suspect demanding money.

The victim had no valuables, and the suspect fled.

Investigators say the cases might be related.

In both instances, the suspect is described as a black male – “tall and skinny,” according to one victim – and he was said to be wearing all black clothing.