The Richland County Sheriff's Department says residents should be on the lookout for a stolen law enforcement vehicle that could be used fraudulently.

Sheriff Leon Lott says sometime between December 27th and December 30th, a silver-colored 2007 Ford Crown Victoria was stolen from Action Transmission Service in the 3100 block of Broad River Road.

The car is the property of the state Department of Probation, Pardon and Parole.

It's unmarked but is equipped with a blue light connected to the passenger-side visor, and there are two blue lights in the rear window.

Lott recommends that if there's an attempt to stop you at night in an unmarked vehicle, you should take precautions to be sure the person is not impersonating an officer.

The sheriff suggests calling 911, putting on your hazard lights, then pulling over in a well-lighted area.

He says you can request the officer's identification, especially if he or she is in plain clothes.

In October, police in the Lexington County town of Springdale issued similar warnings after a man impersonating a police officer with a blue light on his vehicle's dash pulled over a woman and sexually assaulted her.

No suspect has been arrested yet in that case.