COLUMBIA, S.C.  (AP/WVOC) - The state Department of Social Services director for Richland County is leaving the job amid questions about two children's deaths.

The agency has confirmed Elizabeth Stroup is stepping down as director to take a new DSS foster care job in York County, said to be closer to her home. 

A Senate panel investigating the agency has been critical of workers' caseloads, particularly in Richland County.

Four-year-old Robert Guinyard Jr. died last summer, three months after Stroup become director. 

His parents were sentenced last month to life in prison for murder, but DSS was criticized during the trial. 

Family members, friends and doctors said they had asked unsuccessfully for DSS to intervene.

State DSS Director Lillian Koller resigned earlier this month. 

She has testified that the agency in Richland County has chronic issues.