Richland County's Vector Control Program is starting to spray again to help keep mosquitoes at bay.

Program Director Tammy Brewer says a two-pronged approach treats larval breeding sites and sprays for adult mosquitoes in densely populated areas of the county.

“The larvaciding is our most effective tool because it will catch the larvae while they're still in the water, before they have a chance to come out and fly around and become a nuisance," Brewer explains.  

"But you still have to be able to kill the adult mosquitoes when they're flying because sometimes you can't just cover enough area fast enough, and then once the adult population is there, the only way to control them is knocking them down with the spray at night.”

Truck spraying is usually done between midnight and dawn, but it also may occur at other times, depending on conditions.

Beekeepers and people allergic to the products resmethrin and permethrin should notify the Vector Program at 576-2459 or the County Ombudsman's Office at 929-6000.

Brewer says you can help in the battle against the bugs by eliminating unnecessary standing water around your property; changing the water in pet dishes, birdbaths and containers used to root plants at least weekly; clearing drainage ditches of debris and weeds; and maintaining swimming pools properly.