State Attorney General Alan Wilson testified on Capitol Hill Wednesday about privacy concerns he has with the implementation of the federal Affordable Care Act.

Wilson told the House Oversight Committee he's worried about the potential for ID theft through the Navigators program.

Navigators are state organizations on federal contract to help enroll people for the federal health care program.

The Attorney General says the chosen navigators may not have the proper training to work with sensitive information.

For example, he said in order to adequately determine the eligibility of consumers for exchange subsidies, a hub must be created from databases at seven different agencies.

This hub program connects you to the Social Security Administration database, the V-A's database, the Office of Personnel Management database, Homeland Security's database, the Department of Defense database, Medicaid's and Medicare's database,” Wilson says.

So if you have not gotten a security check and you're a navigator and you happen to be a con artist and no one there vetted you, you can go to this hub that gets you to all these federal databases where you can find out everything about everybody.”

Speaking today on WVOC's “Jonathon and Kelly Show,” Wilson also said some of the groups marketing the health care will set up tables or booths at locations such as Walmart like the Girl Scouts do to sell cookies.

And he asks, what's to stop scam artists from doing the same thing while pretending to collect private info for the health care program?

Wilson says it could turn into “a con man's all-you-can-eat buffet.”