President Obama focused on the minimum wage and economic inequality during his State of the Union message Tuesday night.

But that isn't getting much praise from the congressional delegation in South Carolina.

The mostly-Republican delegation criticized the President for his go-it-alone approach and attempts to have government solve the country's problems.

U.S. Senator Tim Scott says government intervention has not worked well for decades, and there must be a fundamental change in strategies to help the most vulnerable.

Second District Congressman Joe Wilson says the President is showing more “uncooperative behavior” by not working with Congress, whose members Wilson says have shown they can work together by passing a bipartisan budget, protecting the military and agreeing to various health care reforms.

First District Congressman and former Governor Mark Sanford says he does agree with Obama on the need to expand economic opportunity and provide tools to better help workers prepare for retirement, but Sanford feels the President is taking a short view of the challenges coming with entitlement programs.

The only Democratic member of the state's congressional delegation, Sixth District House member James Clyburn, did not issue a statement in response to the State of the Union speech.