COLUMBIA, S.C. (SCRN/WVOC) - Drivers and passengers riding mopeds would be required to wear reflective vests under a bill that passed the state House of Representatives Tuesday.

The measure would also ban the vehicles from highways and roads with a speed limit of 45 miles per hour or higher.

And mopeds would be required to have a red tail light that flashes while in motion.

Oconee County Representative Bill Whitmire sponsored the bill.

“I understand the need for mopeds with a lot of the drivers maybe not having a driver's license or insurance.  They need to get to work.   I don't want them to keep from doing that.   But I do want the safety factor enforced.  They're just a real danger, especially on 4-lane highways,” Whitmire said.

But Lexington County Representative Rick Quinn opposed the bill.  He says he doesn't want to force riders to wear the vests.

“Bicycles can go roughly the speed as most mopeds, so why wouldn't we require bicycle riders to have a vest on as well?  So I think that's the next step,” Quinn remarked.

But he said he does support flashing red tail lights on the mopeds.