Authorities in Newberry County are on the lookout for two men who have claimed to be government or utility workers.

Sheriff Lee Foster says one suspect distracts a homeowner while explaining that a repair needs to be made or something must be checked out.

Then the other suspect enters the home and steals items such as jewelry and other precious metals.

Foster says the men wear some sort of uniform or safety vest so they look “official,” but he says that shouldn't stop you from making a call to verify their identities and their work assignment.

It would be a rare occurrence that it would be such a dire emergency that they couldn't come back or wait until you could call 911 to check it out,” Foster told WVOC.

A composite sketch of one suspect has been released.  He's described as a white male in his 40s, 5'9" and 200 pounds with medium brown hair.

The sheriff says the suspect has used the name "Tom Rawlings" or "Rollins" and claims to be working for the local electric companies cutting right-of-ways.

Foster says the man has worn a green safety vest and used either a portable radio or phone while talking with victims.

He was driving an older model burgundy pickup with a generator or compressor attached to the truck bed in back and an exhaust fan on the driver's side of the equipment.

The vehicle has tinted windows and may have silver down the sides and across the middle of the tailgate.

Anyone with information on the suspect or vehicle is asked to contact the Newberry County Sheriff's Office at (803) 321-2222.