COLUMBIA, S.C. (SCRN/WVOC) - A Midlands state senator has pre-filed legislation that would criminalize filming and publishing violent crime.

The bill is seen as a response to the alleged Internet fad called the "knockout game," where someone sucker-punches a victim and sometimes posts a video of the act online.

But Kershaw County Senator Vincent Sheheen says the legislation would apply to more than just that.

This bill would cover any type of felony violent act that someone purposely and intentionally videos solely for the purpose of distributing the harm to the victim,” Sheheen says.

He says there are exceptions for those in media or those who have not purposely captured a crime.

He also says this would gives law enforcement a way to prosecute those who are involved in the crime, but might not be actively participating in it.

The measure will be taken up in the January session of the legislature.