COLUMBIA, S.C. (SCRN/WVOC) - Two Lee County sheriff's deputies are recovering after a man opened fire during a traffic stop last week.

It was later revealed that the suspect was already out on bond for resisting arrest in July.

Now, a bill filed by a state senator would increase the penalties for violent crimes committed while a person is out on bail.

Sumter County Senator Thomas McElveen feels additional time beyond the maximum sentence should be added for crimes committed while out on bond.

He hopes his legislation would be a deterrent and would help keep particularly violent offenders off the streets.

My personal thought process on...violent offenders especially is...they're not rational people most of the time and I don't think they consider consequences necessarily most of the time,” McElveen told the South Carolina Radio Network.

“But I still think our state government has got to do something to stop some of this.”

Some lawmakers also want to change how bonds are set after several recent high-profile shootings involving suspects who were released on bail only months earlier.