A suspect in a home invasion in Forest Acres Monday night met more than his match, and police are looking for two other suspects who ran off.

The incident happened about 11:45 p.m. in the 3500 block of Linbrook Drive.

Someone knocked on the door and when it opened, three armed men entered, fired shots into the air and demanded money.

Police Chief Gene Sealy says the suspects pistol-whipped one of the six occupants.

Two of the suspects took one of the individuals and started toward the back of the house – I guess to have him go around and see if there was any money or anything.  There was an individual who lives at the residence, was already in the back and heard all the commotion...got a handgun and got into a gunfight.”

Sealy says one suspect, 23-year-old DeShawn Patterson (pictured), died at the scene when he was shot in the chest and head.

The other two suspects fled.

Sealy says it's not clear if this was gang-related or if the suspects knew the victims.

But the chief says Patterson was out on bond for previous charges, including armed robbery with a deadly weapon in September.