A lawyer says the teenager charged with fatally stabbing a Dutch Fork High School student at a Lexington restaurant will use South Carolina's “Stand Your Ground” law as his defense.

Attorney and state representative Todd Rutherford says his client, 18-year-old Kieren Dennis, feared for his life the night of February 17th as he sat in his car at the Cook Out restaurant.

Rutherford says Dennis felt the need to defend himself because 17-year-old Da'Von Capers put his hand into Dennis' car.

Capers died after being stabbed in the chest.

Police say emotions were high among people who stopped at the restaurant after a tense basketball game at Lexington High School with rival Dutch Fork High.

The “Stand Your Ground” law states a person has the right to use deadly force for self-protection and has no “duty to retreat” in certain circumstances.

Meanwhile, a judge denied bond Thursday for Dennis, saying he poses a danger to the community.

The judge also said the defendant knew he was entering a hostile environment and he was the one who was armed.