COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP/SCRN/WVOC) - More information on how many people could be at risk because of another data breach in South Carolina...

The State newspaper reports a stolen laptop computer contains personal information – including Social Security numbers and names – for 3,432 customers of the South Carolina Health Insurance Pool.

The pool offers coverage for people who can't get policies elsewhere, and data on the laptop included customers involved in the pool in 2011 and 2012.

The newspaper reports the laptop belonged to an auditor at DeLoach & Williamson, a Columbia accounting firm that now is called the Brittingham Group, that was hired to audit insurance claims.

The computer was stolen from the auditor’s car at a Columbia residence on October 16th, but customers didn't receive notification of the data breach until two months later on December 18th.

Cynthia Hutto, a Charleston attorney hired to assist in the incident, says the pool needed time to determine what data was stolen, hire a company to notify customers and arrange for a free year of credit monitoring.

The auditor's firm is paying for those services.

Officials say they're unaware of any fraud resulting from the theft.