COLUMBIA, S.C.  (WVOC/AP) - Insurance claims are already rolling in for damages from this week's snow and ice storms.

Russ Dubisky with the South Carolina Insurance News Service says insurers are being contacted about a variety of claims.

“We've seen some home losses, we've seen some auto losses, we've also seen some losses to commercial property as well.  So we're seeing a mix of property and casualty losses," Dubisky says.  

"The total early on – and we do expect the numbers to grow – but we would estimate losses to exceed about $15-million in insured losses.”

The bulk of the claims so far are coming from Aiken, Orangeburg, Sumter, Bamberg and Barnwell counties, where there was significantly more icing than other parts of the state.

Dubisky says insurance-wise, it appears the wintry mix caused some of the most substantial damage in this region in the last ten years.