Authorities will be on the lookout for DUI and other violations at the St. Patrick's Day Weekend festivities in Five Points.

And the state Department of Corrections continues to partner with the Richland County Sheriff's Department and Columbia police to identify youthful offenders on supervised parole who violate curfew.

Authorities are warning that any anyone identified as a Corrections Department youthful offender parolee in the Five Points area after 9 p.m. will undergo a records check.

“There's a detainer on that person to take down to the Richland County detention center where they would stay until there would be an administrative hearing,” says South Carolina Department of Corrections Director Bryan Stirling.

“And we as SCDC would hold that hearing with the Intensive Supervision Officer and we would decide the graduated response, which could be house arrest, and ankle tracking monitor, it could be increased supervision or drug testing, or they could be revoked and come back to prison for the rest of their sentence.”

Stirling says the curfew is one more way law enforcement agencies are working together to ensure the safety and security of residents.

In November, the Corrections Department sent officers to Five Points after a college football game to help deputies identify youthful offenders who were in the vicinity after the curfew.

Stirling says officials are working to implement similar curfew restrictions in other areas around the state.