Aborted Babies Incinerated To Heat UK Hospitals is the headline from today's Daily Telegraph. It feels like something you would read about in a long forgotten culture where they threw fetuses into a fire that heated their walled city. But this in the center of what some consider the most civilized country in the world. The home of tea and biscuits. The land of Savile Row and Harrods. And yet these same people didn't have a problem with taking over 15,000 fetuses, since 2012, and throwing them into a "Waste to Energy" facility used to power their state run hospitals.

The National Health Service is responding to this report today. Sir Bruce Keogh, NHS Medical Director, has written to all NHS trusts to tell them the practice must stop. The Chief Medical Officer, Dame Sally Davies, has also written to the Human Tissue Authority to ask them make sure that guidance is clear. Prof Sir Mike Richards, Chief Inspector of Hospitals, said: “I am disappointed trusts may not be informing or consulting women and their families. “This breaches our standard on respecting and involving people who use services".  WOW! This has certainly rocked them to their core. They're disappointed and writing letters of instruction!

So how has England found itself in such a state of decay that using fetuses to heat the hospital that aborted them doesn't turn the stomachs of everyone involved? I would suggest it's their love of self. Here's what I mean. If you feel like an aborted fetus is something that should be treated with dignity, then you feel like the fetus had value. If it had value you shouldn't have killed it. But in order to get yourself in a mental state to perform abortions you have to convince yourself that the fetus is of no value. Because then it wouldn't be a woman's right to choose to end the pregnancy. The fetus and the mother would actually have equal rights. They would be a team in this procedure, that some would call miracle, of giving birth.

At this point I'd expect someone to jump in and say 'what about the health of the woman'? If the Doctor detects that the pregnancy is causing risk to the mothers health, that decision should be made between her and her doctor. That is exactly the same way a decision for child's well being would be made years after it was born. The child is represented by their parents when it comes to decisions on their health till they are mature enough to decide on their own.

Now back to the fetus. Once you have made the jump that a fetus is an inanimate object of no value, it's easy to abort it. But in an age of being green we don't want to waste anything. This is a perfectly good energy source that was just going to be wasted in a grave. Graves are reserved for things of value, things that actually breathed air, and were loved. Things like pets deserve graves. A fetus wasn't loved, and so it deserves none of the fancy send off of a beloved hamster.

However there is outrage outside of the hospitals, because people do value fetuses. Thankfully millions of people still recognize a fetus as a human being. And just because the mother didn't love it, doesn't mean others don't. Adoption agencies have long waiting lines of families who would love to adopt a newborn. These fetuses would have been adopted and loved had they been allowed to be born. So why were the thousands of fetuses who caused no unusual risk to the mother aborted, and sent to a waste to energy plant? Love of self. Child birth is hard. And if you don't love the child coming out as much as you love yourself there's no reason to do it. And the people who agree with that position have no problem performing a procedure to alleviate the problem. And they have discovered a way to make themselves feel even better about it, by transforming the discarded fetus to energy. I'm praying to see more outrage over this practice but fear that it may come to be seen as practical over the next few years.