Today, August 1, 2014, will be the final Jonathon & Kelly show on 100.1 WVOC. I want to say thank you to the Rashers who made this show so much fun to do. Callers like, Howard the cab driver, Georgia Boy (who became Carolina boy), Joey, David from Piggly Wiggly, and even Ed the liberal along with countless others made this show a blast. Our tweeters like Billy Joe, Keltic Tim, Fish Taco and others kept us laughing. We have been blessed beyond measure to get to know some of the wonderful people who listen to this station, and had fun chatting with some of the people who represent our state and country. I wish it could go on forever. But it can’t. And the simple reason it can’t is because we are exhausted.

As most of you know, we also host the morning show on 97.5 WCOS. The demands of being here for more than 12 hours a day has taken its toll. Most mornings start before 5a and with post show production, we’re rarely home before 8p. I’m sure there are some of you reading this who work as long, if not longer hours thinking to yourself “suck it up whuss”. If we had to, we could, but as someone recently reminded me “you work hard to provide for your family, and if you’re lucky enough, to enjoy time with them too”. I truly do want to spend more time with my family!

So what’s next for WVOC? Sean Hannity slides up to our old slot beginning August 11th. I know I’ll be listening, because I have been listening to him every night on my ride home… Now it’ll just be at a “decent hour”. Morning hosts call any time after 6p un-decent.

So thanks again to the management who gave this show a shot. The ratings surprised the doubters! We started with the show in 9th and brought it to 5th in the 12 and older demo and in the target 35-64 demo we went from 10th to 4th! Thanks to our incredible sponsors. Selecting us to be the voice for your product or service is a tremendous honor! We never take that lightly and hope you’ll continue to allow us to represent you. And again to you folks who invested in us intellectually and emotionally…the Rashers. All I can say is ‘wow’. Meeting you has been inspirational. Your passion for this country, state and city has me believing more than ever, that no matter how bad things may get, we have the folks who can and will turn it around.

Of course we have to thank our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. I told the story several times on air about how I believe God gave us this show in 2012. I pray that we were faithful stewards of that gift and God used it to reach those of his flock who needed help coming to, or returning to the fold.

God bless you all, Jonathon & Kelly

This was when we chewed pop tarts into guns in support of the 7 year old boy who was suspended for doing the same thing.