Last week the RGA released a TV commercial entitled Vincent Sheheen Protects Criminals not South Carolina. Today they've released a new one.  

Vince Sheheen getting a convicted sex offender who abused a minor's sentence reduced from 10 years to 38 days is disgusting. But so was Mitt Romney killing a woman with cancer. This is the kind of dirty campaigning that no one should be for. Nikki Haley has a problem because her appointment to Director of Social Services has become a liability to the Governor when news of kids dying under her departments watch surfaced. So in order to distract you from that, they're saying Vince Sheheen helps child molesters! Nothing is black and white and these smear ads try to make them that way. Vince Sheheen didn't wake up and say "today's goal is to help sex offender Isiah Outten get back on the street ASAP, any more than Mitt Romney said "how can I kill people with budget cuts". Even SCGOP Chairman Matt Moore alludes to that in his open letter.  

Outten pled guilty and faced 10 years in prison, where those who prey on our children belong, but Vince Sheheen negotiated Outten’s sentence down to only 38 days, time already served, and 5 years probation. So the max sentence was 10 years, but the Judge sentenced him to time served plus 38 days. If you have a complaint it's with the Judge...or the Constitution. The 5th and 14th Amendment's contain due process clauses. The 8th Amendment prohibits cruel or unusual punishment, excessive bails or excessive fines. And the 6th Amendment assures all accused shall have an attorney provided at tax payers expense if the accused can't afford one. The Constitution clearly wants to prevent innocent people from going to jail, anyone from waiting in perpetuity for a trial, and restraint when issuing punishment on the guilty.

 If everyone who defended criminals was ineligible for public service we wouldn't have Trey Gowdy, Ted Cruz, or even Abraham Lincoln who all spent some time as defense attorneys before becoming prosecutors. Vincent Sheheen shouldn't win the election because he's a Democrat. Bring up his voting record, including the most damning of all his votes, his vote for President. After 4 years of Obama and the train-wreck of Obamacare coming down the track didn't open his eyes to the problems of liberalism, he can't be saved. Run on things you're proud to have accomplished in your 4 years as Governor. Run on what you will do with the next 4 years. I expect this crap from Democrats who have to make opponents out to be sub human monsters in order to get anyone to vote for them. The GOP should be better than this.