Lindsey announced last week at a press conference discussing immigration reform; "I don't feel heat like I used to". Graham also points to the Public Policy Polling which shows his rock bottom was 2 years ago in January 2011 which showed him trailing 52%-37% to an unamed primary challenger with 11% undecided. The most recent numbers show him winning 51%-40% with 9% undecided. So it looks like he might be correct and most Republican's here want immigration reform. Public Policy Polling is a left leaning group so he might want to taper his enthusiasm a bit and he should also remember voters run hot & cold with him depending whether he's fighting for information on Benghazi or mocking Rand Paul's filibuster, so it not only depends on which week they ran the poll, but perhaps the day or even hour.  

Lindsey however is confident that most Republican's in SC see this issue like he sees it. They're not illegal immigrants, but rather undocumented workers. And if they're undocumented we can fix this up with paper work in a jiffy. Lindsay is so confident that yesterday he told Candy Crowley on CNN, "I think we've got a deal". At about the same time his fellow "gang of 8" member Chuck Schumer was telling Meet The Press "every major policy issue has been resolved". He also said he expects to have the immigration reform bill on the floor by next month!

How can every major policy issue be resolved if they haven't addressed the border? I specifically remember Marco Rubio calling in to the Rush Limbaugh show on this station and confirming that "border security is the first and the last. If that doesn't happen then none of it can happen".  Friday the border was so porous that an illegal scaled the 18 foot high fence in front of Chuck Schumer while John McCain live tweeted about it.  And maybe the gang of 8 is now a gang of 7 because last night Rubio sent a letter  to Patrick Leahy Chairman of the Senate Judicary Committee after he implied it was a done deal too, when he said we've already held dozens of hearings on immigration reform it's time to vote. "I am aware that the Judiciary Committee has conducted a number of hearings related to immigration reform. But they cannot be a substitute for fresh hearings to consider specific legislation as part of a national conversation." So Rubio isn't buying that this is done, but Graham is. And Graham is only buying it because he thinks you are. Remember in 2010 Graham was working with Harry Reid and Obama on immigration reform and climate change legislation when he got a bunch of push-back from South Carolina Republican's he jumped back. Graham is so confident that he's sold you on immigration reform that he is now boldly calling out other Republican Senators. "If I can sell this in South Carolina, don't come to me and say this is hard".