Richland County refuses to have any sense of shame for their corruption. Lillian McBride,  who in my opinion was hired with one goal in rig the election of 2012 in order to pass the "penny tax" continues to receive a paycheck from the very citizens she stole the election from! 

A quick reminder or perhaps education to those who weren't here in 2012. A man named Mike Cinnamon ran Richland County elections from 1975-2012. Most people didn't know his name because the elections of the 70's, 80's, 90's, 2000's and 2010 went off without a hitch. And for that Richland county fired Mike Cinnamon. The 2010 election featured the penny tax referendum. It didn't pass. The tax would give Richland county council around a billion dollars in extra revenue over 20 years to do pretty much as they pleased. They had guidelines like 63% would be spent on roads. What kind of roads? New roads? Repaving old roads? 8% for bike lanes, and trails. WHERE?!?! What do they consider a trail? They refused to answer the question in 2009 and 10 so they lost. They still refused to answer them heading into 2012 but decided to do 2 things. One spend 50 thousand dollars to advertise the benefits of voting to increase your own sales tax. They took your money to brain wash you to give them more! Next they fired Mike. Actually they combined 2 offices which violated the State Constitution and created a new position to give to Lillian. Lillian kept a large portion of the voting machines locked away so conservative leaning areas of the county would face ungodly lines. The average time to vote in America for the 2012 election was 12 minutes. In Richland county it was 3 hours. The tax passed by 9345 votes. That is 3% margin of victory. Could it have been different if everyone voted? The turnout was down 15% from the last election! Obviously tens of thousands of voters were disenfranchised and yet nothing has been done. 

Actually that's not accurate. Lillian and her attorney, fought to keep her job. Then she resigned after they had arranged for Lillian to be demoted to the position of Deputy Director of Voter Registration. Her salary in 2011 for the job above that, The Director, was $66,429. In 2013 she took the Deputy job but with a hefty raise to $74,600. Lillian was replace by Howard Jackson. Howard was fired after running 1 minor election for the county. He then held a press conference to explain he was fired because "I wouldn't comply with unlawful orders from Richland county election commission board". CORRECTION: An earlier version of this blog said Richland county council. 

Today McBride returns to the Director of the Richland County Board of Voter Registration. This follows the split of the Voter Registration Board from the county's Election Commission. A court ordered that split after a lawsuit challenged the merger of the two departments. State Representative James Smith tells News19 that because of the lawsuit, and the way state law is written, the position had to be given to McBride who was the last person to serve as Director of Voter Registration. James will be on our show at 3:08 to explain this further.