The President compiled a task force to be led by the Secretary of Education Arne Duncan as part of his My Brother's Keeper initiative.  Yesterday Arne hosted a youth listening webinar. Unfortunately they didn't announce it till it was almost time to happen, and adults or white people were not invited to give their opinions. Apparently the administration believes that the people who are experiencing the problem are the best qualified to diagnosis why that is. That may be a future mandate of Obamacare as well. 

 I know the President, Arne Duncan, and anyone else involved with this have no interest in my opinion. But I thought I'd post it on the internet and perhaps a young minority would read it, consider it, and then go on the next webinar session and say it as their own. 

The President's question is why are male minorities less successful in the work force. He believes it has something to do with lack of male role models, and college being too expensive. Of course his "too expensive theory" is debunked by the amount of female minorities who attend college. But he is on to something with the lack of role models. It's actually mentors. The answer to why male minorities under perform white males in the work force is because they are denied school choice.

The reason separate but equal (aka segregation) was so harmful to minorities had to do with friendships. The teachers in the black schools, were just as talented as the whites. The graduates of those schools were just as capable as the white graduates. But who could they get their breaks from? Government recognized the problem and attempted to answer it by implementing affirmative action. That did lead to helping some minorities, but it also punished some whites. It also built up walls between the races rather than tearing them down the way school choice would. 

The reason people who go to Ivy league schools are more successful than graduates from state colleges, is because of who their classmates are. Of course there are some off the chart smart kids at those schools, but it's the access to the student body and the alumni that makes the Ivy League so valuable. Charles Murray demonstrates that in his book Coming Apart. That's why private high schools who have a good record of getting students into Ivy league universities charge more per year than even the top private colleges! It's not the quality of the education, it's the quality of the alumni.

The alumni of the Ivy league schools, make up the vast majority of the 1 percenters. So when their kids and their kids friends graduate they have access to those leaders to continue the legacy. Now bring it down to where most of us live in the middle class. People pay more to live in Lexington 1 or Richland 2 because the school districts are rated high. So who moves into those neighborhoods? More successful people who can afford it. The more successful people and their kids all become friends. So when it comes time for the kids to get jobs, they have a great support group to help them. Minorities who grew up in these districts are on par with whites when it comes to annual incomes.

Denying school choice is in effect continuing segregation. Allow the parents of the kids who can't afford to live in the best school districts, the opportunity to take them to a good school. The type of parent who would do this, is the type that would make sure their child took advantage of this opportunity.