The good news is that Democrats who control the Senate have finally produced a budget. It's their first one in 4 years. The bad news is they propose increasing taxes by almost a trillion dollars. The worse news is even if we did raise a trillion in new taxes, their budget still wouldn't balance in a decade. The GOP unveiled their annual budget yesterday and includes no new taxes and balances the budget in decade. Pink is tax cuts, white is tax increase. Dems on left, GOP on right.

Even if Dems wanted to balance the budget in their beloved "balanced approach" (half tax cuts half tax increases), they still have a long way to go on both sides! It's like sometimes I battle getting the milk-to-cereal-ratio balanced. So I'll have to cut milk and add cereal or vice versa. But if I let the dems balance my bowl All I'd have is a spoonful of milk and 3 fruit loops!

The most obvious question is, why propose a budget that doesn't work? I wanted to talk to the woman behind the budget plan. Senator Patty Murray from Washington holds the most useless title in the world, Head of The Senate Budget Committee. It's like being the Head of The Jacksonville Jaguars Championship Celebration Committee. It's something they never do.  Anyways here is Patty surrounded by excited Senators congratulating her after her big budget presentation. 

photo: Getty Images

This woman looks like she should be happy anyone wants to talk to her, but so far no reply from our calls to her office. I've scoured the internet, reading articles in the NY Times,  LA Times, CBS, NBC, ABCCNNThe Daily BeastThe Atlantic Wire, and the Huffington Post. They couldn't get a hold of her either. So American's I'm sad to report back that no one has any idea why the Senate Democrats would propose a budget that doesn't add up. You would think that a party that loves to talk about how tax payers need to invest more in education they would invest a lil sumthin sumthin on a calculator, or a tutor, or whatever to avoid looking this ridiculous. Now we the people are left to look as bewildered as George HW Bush did this week at a Texas A&M Flash mob.(See video below) In fact we're all Bush watching the song and dance of the Senate. They're flailing around, laughing it up and are really impressed with themselves! And we're forced to sit there with a forced smile on our face wondering how these clowns got here.