They're being called the new Acorn. Acorn was the acronym for Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. Acorn was famous for shady election business. They bacame infomous when a guy named James O'Keefe shot some videos of them in 2009 that led to the President calling for them to be investigated and ultimatly led to their federal funds being pulled and the disbanding of the group

O'Keefe says the same folks are now running something called Battleground Texas. The stated mission of the group is to convert Texas from a conservative state to liberal. But their plan to do so doesn't have anything to do with arguing the merrits of liberal agendas, because they understand when fair minded people hear both sides of the issue they usually lean conservative. So they are targeting people who don't follow or understand politics. The unregistered voter and attempting to register them. That's legal. Once they're registered they plan to contact the person and say "I registered you to vote, it's now time to go vote for ________". Shady but still legal. What's not legal is how they get their info. "We copy it off their voter registration". Nope! Somebody recognised a long time ago that having a list of registered voters phone numbers is a lot more powerful than their mailing address. So the mailing address is public info, their phone numbers are not. And I don't know if Battleground TX blowhard Jennifer Longoria just pulled some stats out her tush but she says their study finds that only 15% of the people they register actually go vote. That is unless they call to remind them and then it shoots up to 60%. If they call them twice it jumps up to 75%! She adds "the data collection is the key". They don't want people to vote. They want people to vote for the candidates they want. In other words they want to control uneducated voters.