CNN landed an exclusive with Jessica Sanford. She is the single mother who the President mentioned his recent speech (where the mom to be almost went down) as someone who was a beneficiary of the new law. Jessica now says the prices have changed since she enrolled and she can longer afford Obamacare.

As I have been warning for months people were going to be shocked to find out that what they thought they signed up for, isn't the actual deal they'll get. I based this on what I saw as several flaws in the system. The first flaw however turned out to be false. Credit scores are not factored in. Last month that made headlines as the lead navigator for Florida told several networks that a persons rates were affected by their credit scores. She was rebuked by the White House and set the record straight the next day.  

Several other flaws still exist. The first being that if the 35 and under with no pre existing conditions don't enroll premiums will rise. As AP reported the price you sign up for is based on the assumption that 2 young healthy people will sign up for every 3 older people who enroll. I believe that to be a bad assumption. Remember people under 26 can stay on their parents plan. California and Kentucky are mentioned in the AP report as having far more people over 35 enrolling than people under 35.

The oledr people are more expensive to care for so the rates will have to raise if younger people don't help carry the load. Insurance companies use a scale of someone in their 60's needing $6 of medical expenses for every dollar a person under 30 needs. The knowledge that your premiums may rise drastically in 2014 if more young people don't enroll is a scary thing for people who live on a budget... aka most everyone.

The other flaw is the one demonstrated by Jessica Sanford's sad tale. The tax credits an individual is eligible for seems to be a rather tricky thing for states to calculate. Jessica signed up for a plan that would cost her $198 a month. That was a done deal she thought. Then she got a letter that said the state of Washington had miscalculated the amount of tax credits she was eligible for so her plan would now cost her $280 a month. She was outraged but determined to try and figure out a way to stretch her budget to meet the extra $82 a month she was suddenly on the hook for. Then came another letter saying they had miscalculated her tax credits again and she actually wasn't eligible for any. The plan would now be $390 a month! There was no way she could make that payment so she asked if there was anything cheaper. There was. The bronze plan was $324 a month but the deductible was so high that she would never hit it, because she would be wiped out long before she got near it. So she has had to cancel the policy, and she tells CNN she feels betrayed. She voted for Obama based on this plan, and not only will it not provide her the insurance she thought it would, but will cost her $95 this year because she can't afford it. And she is far from alone. Washington State has mailed out hundreds, possibly thousands of those letters already.