I am not a guy who is into the whole sugar substitute thing. I think if you want candy...eat real candy. Check out this picture first.




Does not look that bad right? You can almost taste the wonderful gummy bears we had when we were kids. Look a little closer...and you may find something you don't want.




Wow! these can make your stomach do flips. Check out some of the reviews of this "healthy" product.


2 of my favorites.


These little bears do a happy dance of delight on your tastebuds...

after hitting your digestive system, then the cute little bears rewrite the laws of physics when breaking the speed of light to travel out of your colon and to the porcelain god.

In short, they are the best motivator for the reluctant colon.


I am sending a bag of these to every member of Congress to show my deepest gratitude.



The reviews go on and on. I think I may get a candy dish and put some out in my office. I am sure everyone will appreciate me helping them on the calorie counting front. You could take these to meetings and make everyone happy on the short term side.