String Of Robberies Appear To Be Targeted At Indian People

Lexington County deputies are looking for connections between a string of burglaries and suspicious activity at the homes of people of Indian descent. 

A photo of a blue sedan with two women dressed in Indian garb is circulating on social media because they were reported as suspiciously driving through a Lexington neighborhood. Investigators are looking into those allegations, as well as trying to find the person who tied up a man and held a gun to his head in his home during a burglary in the Clearwater community. 

Burglars made out with 75 to 100-thousand-dollars-worth of jewelry. A report was filed just one day earlier about a thief breaking into a home on St. Andrews Road and stealing around ten-thousand-dollars-worth of jewelry. 

Investigators don't know whether the robberies and the two suspicious women are connected, but they aren't ruling it out.


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