New Details In Lexington Shooting Death

Lexington Police continue to investigate the early Sunday morning shooting death of 31 year old Derek Fogle.

Joseph Scott Nicewonger told police he shot Fogle during an unprovoked attack, outside his own residence on Cherokee Pond Court.

He says Fogle approached the residence, yelling at him, then chased him from his garage into his yard, threw him down, and struck him repeatedly in the head.

Nicewonger was armed with a handgun and shot Fogle several times, ending the confrontation. Nicewonger then called 9-1-1, and awaited the arrival by officers.

Police report he has been fully cooperative with their investigation.

Fogle may have been experiencing an altered mental state, leading up to the shooting, even physically assaulting his roommate, before this altercation.

Neighborhood witnesses observed and heard Fogle causing a disturbance, yelling, knocking on doors, and walking through several yards, prior to the assault and shooting incident.

Toxicology reports on Fogle are pending.


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