Airport Police Find Girl's Lost Stuffed Dog, Document His Adventures


Norfolk Airport Police went above and beyond their duty after a young girl lost her beloved stuffed dog Cookie Dough. Eight-year-old August “Gussie” Bridges was in the car with her parents when she realized that she left Cookie Dough on a table in the airport terminal. When they got home, her mother Kelly called the airport to see if the missing stuffed animal had turned up. Police officers managed to find the missing dog and decided to have some fun before August returned to pick up her plush toy. 

When August and her parents went back to the airport, the cops gave the young girl her dog back along with a photo booklet documenting all the adventures the pretend pooch went on during his brief stay at the airport. Kelly shared the heartwarming story in a Facebook post that quickly went viral.

Guys...Gussie lost her “cookie dough” favorite stuffed animal at the airport last week. I called the airport to let them know, and they called us later to say they found it! She went to pick it up today and they gave her this book and I about cried. Norfolk International Airport you all are awesome.

The police made Cookie Dough an honorary officer, dressing him up and taking photos of the stuffed dog having fun all around the airport. The pup got to slide down the escalators, hang out at the baggage claim, and even got to sit behind the wheel of emergency vehicles. 


Kelly told The Virginia-Pilot that August fell in love with Cookie Dough after winning him in a claw machine at a local pizzeria. 

“I thought she was going to cry. She had just got it a few weeks ago out of one of those claw machines at Chicho’s Pizza with her dad and she was really attached to it.”

Steve Sterling, deputy executive director of administration and operations for the Norfolk Airport Authority, said the "police officers just wanted to put a special touch on returning the toy.”

“It meant a lot to all of us,” Kelly said. “It was just awesome what they did for Gussie.”


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