UN Ambassador Haley Plans To Depart At End Of Year

 (Washington, DC)  --  U.S.-UN Ambassador Nikki Haley plans to exit at the end of the year.  

Appearing with Haley in the Oval Office, Trump said she has done an incredible job and noted that he hates to lose her.  He also called Haley very special.  

The former SC Governor has been on the job since the start of the Trump administration.  Haley called it the honor of a lifetime.  

She cited renewed respect for the U.S. around the world.  Trump said Haley "gets it." Trump argued that the situations with North Korea and Iran are much better since he took office.  

Haley is considered a rising star in the Republican Party and a likely future candidate for national office. 

She said she will not run for president in 2020 and will be supporting Trump's re-election. 


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