Red Flag Laws - A Listener's Perspective

Earlier this week we invited you to share your takes with us. A listener's editorial if you will.

Today Mike Cakora weighs in on proposed Red Flag laws. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Here's Mike's take:


Looks like Senator Graham and others are moving toward so-called “Red Flag” laws to staunch the epidemic of mass shootings.

Dana Loesch argues – persuasively, in my book – why such laws are no panacea.

She points out that Red Flags were waving mightily for the Parkland, FL, and Dayton, OH, killers, but nobody did anything. Moreover, as other articles point out, where Red-Flag laws have been put into place, 1/3 of the seizures are ruled improper after the first hearing.

And with the recent Cardinal Newman episode, we can see why we already have warning systems built in if only people will use them. The slogan “See something, say something” comes to mind.

There is in fact evidence – anecdotal, but real – that we generally have within our reach the means to handle dangerous young men when law enforcement and relatives can find ways to cooperate:

I don’t know what will solve the really big problem of public schools’ policy of protecting kids from law enforcement by refusing to report outrageous behavior. That’s what happened at Parkland and what happens here in Richland One & Two, and probably other school districts. For the problematic kids who are out of high school. 

FWIW, Leon Lott seems to know what the score is, but there is no indication that the Columbia PD knows or even cares. I write this based on over ten years of watching what the heck the various parties are doing in investigations and just basic policing. But that’s my opinion, so don’t rely on that.

Mike Cakora

Columbia, SC

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